ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
16 September 2022 · Source: Barco Online · Download PDF

ITEA Innovation Award of Excellence for project IMPACT

Over the past few years, we’ve participated in project IMPACT, a collaborative project funded by ITEA that focused on workflow optimization in healthcare. Today, we’re proud to announce that our joint efforts and results have been rewarded with the ITEA Award of Excellence, in the category ‘Innovation’.


ITEA is an organization that connects large and small businesses, academia and customer organizations. Together, these partners can work on research and development projects, specifically focused on software innovation.

Project IMPACT was one of those projects. It gathered 14 partners from Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden, including Barco and led by Philips.

IMPACT: some context

Nowadays, instead of starting up a standard treatment plan, doctors will try to specify a patient’s condition in as much detail as possible – for example: “which specific subtype of which type of cancer is this?” This should speed up the treatment process and make it more effective.

A result of this is that medical professionals, both diagnosing and treating patients, need to work with much more different types of information. But this is not always easy: many healthcare organizations struggle with strict budgets and limited staff.

What was IMPACT all about?

Project IMPACT centered around data intelligence as a solution to this combination of personalization and multidisciplinary work. Which automations and improvements can benefit the individual patient and the medical team surrounding them? The team focused on this question in clinical uses cases on cardiac treatment, liver oncology and brain oncology.

The result was several breakthroughs in areas as diverse as personalized diagnosis, minimally invasive surgery, and human-data interaction. Each partner brought along their own expertise. With the support of VLAIO, we participated with research into an ‘application-agnostic’ display system, which can automatically calibrate various image modalities in flexible layouts, according to the specific clinical case.

Award of Excellence

The project has been completed, and the team has received an ITEA Award of Excellence for Innovation for their efforts and results. We can now continue building on this and research whether the outcomes could be translated into a business plan.

In the words of the team: “IMPACT can be considered an enormous success.”

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