ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ITEA 2 AGILE Project Scoops Silver and Bronze Awards


ITEA 2 Agile Project received Silver Medal in the ITEA Achievement Awards and the Bronze Medal in the Exhibition Awards.

Berlin, Germany, 1, November 2007— More than 450 visitors attended ITEA 2’s 2007 Symposium, Using ICT to deal with societal challenges, held in Berlin, Germany on the 18-19 October, 2007. This event provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain an insight into one of Europe’s most important strategic ICT initiatives.


The symposium focused on using ICT to deal with major societal challenges in areas such as the ageing society, the digital divide, climate change, security and health care. Some of Europe’s most important industry-driven information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives were showcased.


ITEA’s current set of 85 projects (of which 59 are completed and 26 are running), were up for the Achievement Awards and the Exhibition Awards.


The ITEA Achievement Awards which rewards high level technical contributions that lead to significant results furthering ITEA’s programme and goals – with the SILVER award going the AGILE Project, of which Exoftware is a key consortium member.


Using 64 industrial case studies, the AGILE consortium proved that the Agile methodology can lead to massive improvements in software engineering. This methodology resulted in high-quality software that has been developed in a shorter time for lower cost then was ever possible with traditional techniques. Several partners and their customers were convinced of the benefits and have already introduced the method in their organisations.


In addition, the Exhibition awards which goes to the team that communicates the purpose, objectives and – where relevant – the results of its project in the most understandable and vivid way. Here the Agile Team scooped the Bronze prize.


“These awards are a wonderful achievement, but what they really show is that Agile really does deliver results. The proof is in the companies that have demonstrated how well Agile has worked for them. It is great to see ITEA recognising the impact of Agile in this way,” said Sean Hanly, CTO of Exoftware.


ITEA 2 (the successor to ITEA) focuses on stimulating and coordinating industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D by bringing together partners from industry, universities and research institutes in strategic projects. Key industries include aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, medical systems and telecom.


“We are delighted to be part of the Agile ITEA team,” said Brian Hanly


Contact: Exoftware Moninne McCormack +353 1 4100 647


About ITEA 2

The EUREKA ITEA 2 Cluster is Europe’s leading co-operative pre-competitive R&D programme for software-intensive systems and services (SiSS) – a vital driver of innovation and the cornerstone of Europe’s most competitive industries. Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in embedded SiSS with a dramatic increase in use of electronics and SiSS in cars, aircraft, medical systems, telecom, mobile communications and consumer appliances from televisions and DVD players to refrigerators.


ITEA 2, the successor to ITEA, brings together partners from large companies, Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), research institutes and universities in strategic SiSS projects. Organisations that participate in ITEA 2 share a vision of how to disseminate digital software technology to improve European competitiveness. Projects build crucial middleware, prepare common standards and establish solid technology platforms, laying the foundation for the next generation of products, systems, appliances and services. This huge effort is supported by close co-operation between European national public authorities, ITEA founding companies, SMEs and start-ups, universities and research institutes.


ITEA 2 works closely with other programmes at the national and at the European level, for example with the other EUREKA cluster MEDEA+ and with EU Framework Programmes in the field of Information Society Technologies (IST). At the European level, European Technology Platform initiatives in the domains of ICT, such as ARTEMIS, NEM, NESSI and eMobility have a common goal of defining and driving a co-ordinated European R&D strategy for software-intensive systems and services.


About Exoftware Exoftware is the foremost specialist Agile software development methods, providing the most holistic and complete range of Agile software development methods services in the market. Our services range from Agile mentoring though to Agile Nearshore/Onsite Software Development. Our work takes us from the boardroom to the technical production floor, working with companies at varying levels of experience with Agile.


The misalignment of business and IT has lead to technical issues, poor quality software and software lacking business value. Through our approach we seek to align business and IT and address these complex issues ensuring speed to market brings lasting competitive advantage delivered through high value, high quality software.


We have combined our deep knowledge and experience in software development, specific industry sectors, and Agile to provide hands on, practical ways to deploy and adapt Agile for companies such as GE Mobile, HP, BT and LogicaCMG. Working with Exoftware will give you a lasting asset in the form of transferred know-how and the delivery of a new business process and capability, where learning is on the job and the situation relevant. What’s more, we have consistently and successfully reduced testing cycles, improved speed to market, increased speed to profit, increased predictability, and reduced the over all software lifecycle.


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