ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

ITEA Magazine 32 - March 2019


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Zeynep Sarılar

Dear ITEA Innovation Community,

Not only is the variety of usage of digital systems increasing but so is the complexity of digitalisation. Digitalisation grows in our lives just like time does in space;

  • moving in smaller spaces such as in nanocomponents or deeper in the human body
  • moving in larger spaces such as digital twins of production zones or billions of connected people in social media

Given these circumstances, it is not surprising that Artificial Intelligence is moving in our lives more, amplifying human intelligence to support innovation cycles.

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Country Focus


Collaboration is a crucial economic factor

Head of the entity International Collaboration and Strategy at VLAIO, Maarten Sileghem, explains the crucial nature of collaboration in encouraging, supporting and strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

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Siemens Industry Software

Innovation is a collaborative art

Stijn Donders, Mike Nicolai and Bram Cornelis researchers at Siemens Industry Software explain what sets the company apart, and how publicly-funded projects can influence its R&D and product development roadmap.

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ITEA Success stories

ITEA Success story


Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant

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ITEA Success story


From individual approaches to a widely accepted open platform

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ITEA Success story


Unique innovation for a versatile solution

EUREKA UK Chairmanship

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EUREKA Global Innovation Summit

14-16 May, Manchester, UK

Connect to a world of collaboration and funding opportunities

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David Golding, Deputy Chair for the UK Chairmanship of EUREKA

European and Global Engagement - opportunities abound

Other highlights

Community Talk

Isabel Praça

The perfect ITEA 'love' match!

SME in the spotlight


It's all in the name: technology solutions creating value for business

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Vice-chairman's blog

By Philippe Letellier

Artificial Intelligence, a hype or a bit more?

End-user happiness


Deep Learning for safe passage

SotA on Deep Learning

By Philippe Letellier

A selection of interesting SotAs on Deep Learning