ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days 2024

Spark the next ground-breaking innovation!

300+ potential project partners | presentation of innovative project ideas | effective working groups | constructive consortium building | exhibition | award ceremony | interactive B2B meetings | and more...

On 10 September, ITEA Call 2024 for project proposals will open in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days (ITEA PO Days) in Antwerp, on 10-12 September.

In short, the ITEA PO Days 2024, including the ITEA project exhibition, will enable you to:

  • Present your project idea(s) and/or learn about other project ideas

  • Discuss and work on your project ideas in constructive working group sessions

  • Meet organisations and potential partners from all over Europe and beyond

  • Meet Public Authorities to discuss your idea(s) and learn more about the specific funding rules in your country well in advance

  • Learn from the best during the ITEA Awards of Excellence ceremony 2024

  • Get inspired by the ITEA projects at the exhibition 'Highlights of the ITEA impact'

  • And see how the ITEA Office can support you during the full project lifetime

  • NEW THIS YEAR: B2B session and a (newcomers) workshop on managerial topics in the afternoon of 10 September!

PO Days 2024: Shape your Project Outline and find your partners

The ITEA PO Days event has proven to be the perfect stepping stone for initiating your new RD&I project in the software innovation domain. Historically, over 70% of the Project Outlines submitted to ITEA originated from this lively event. Building new projects and partnerships are best done in a physical environment, as face-to-face interaction has demonstrated to be the most effective way when forging new projects and partnerships.

The ITEA PO Days 2024 event will integrate the best practices from past events and several new elements, all aimed at preparing your next ITEA Project Outline and ensuring you get the most out of your participation!

Preparation is key

Based on experience we know that the ITEA PO Days are fully-packed days, and therefore it is highly recommended to be well prepared well before the start of the event. That is the reason why a few sessions related to the ITEA PO Days will already take place online again before the physical event in Antwerp on 10-12 September. This will optimise the time for networking and consortium building during the event.

Online ITEA PO Days 2024 Preparation session

On Thursday 27 June ITEA set up an online ITEA PO Days 2024 Preparation session to explain the process and online project idea tools for ITEA Call 2024 and the ITEA PO Days 2024, like the Project idea tool and the ITEA Partner search tool. The recording of this session is available on

Online Country information sessions

An early dialogue between project teams and Public Authorities supports alignment with national priorities and the best possible opportunities for funding that lead to high success rates. That is why, different online Country information sessions will be held ahead of the PO Days, on 29 August and 2 and 6 September. During these sessions, the Public Authorities will inform the participants about their national priorities, eligibility criteria and funding outlook.

Online Project idea pitch sessions

In order to enable participants to learn about the project ideas upfront and optimise the time in Antwerp for fruitful discussions and consortia building, two Online Project idea pitch sessions will be organised on Thursday 5 September, 10:00 - 15:00 CEST, in the week before the physical event. During these 2 consecutive sessions, Project idea proposers are able to pitch their idea and, via the Project idea tool, first contacts can already be made with interested partners. This will jump-start the discussions in Antwerp.

(New) features to maximise your PO Days participation

On 10 September we will organise several (new) elements that allow you to get the most out of your PO Days participation:

Exhibition ‘Highlights of the ITEA impact’

The ITEA PO Days 2024 will start with the ITEA project exhibition, from 13:00 - 15:30 CEST, during which we will highlight the impact of running and recently finished ITEA projects. The exhibition will be open, without extra charges, to all ITEA PO Days 2024 participants.

Important dates in the
ITEA Call 2024

ITEA Award of Excellence 2024

The ITEA project exhibition will be followed by the ITEA Awards of Excellence 2024 ceremony, taking place from 15:30 – 16:30 CEST. Project leaders from this year’s completed outstanding ITEA projects will share their success stories as well as their recommendations on managing a project successfully. Three projects were selected for the 2024 Award of Excellence:

  • SMART is the winner of the ITEA Award 2024 for Exceptional Excellence, as they excelled in innovation, business impact and in standardisation
  • INNO4HEALTH will receive an ITEA Award of Excellence 2024 for Innovation
  • AIToC is the winner of the ITEA Award of Excellence 2024 for Business impact

NEW: B2B sessions

We are excited to introduce a new opportunity for the PO Days: our one-on-one B2B session that will be held on 10 September from 16:30 – 18:00 CEST. These sessions will help you connect with potential future partners and explore collaborations. The B2B sessions provide dedicated time for focused interactions and networking during the PO Days.

NEW:'Newcomers' workshop

To give newcomers a head start, we are introducing a hands-on workshop focused on essential managerial topics for setting up an ITEA project proposal. During the workshop we will explain how to shape your PO, we will give a demo of the PO submission tool and share insights in the financial and legal aspects of an ITEA project. Finally, experienced project leaders will share their tips and tricks. This workshop will be held in parallel with the B2B session, from 16:30 – 18:00 CEST.

Join us and register now!

Join us at the ITEA PO Preparation Days 2024. The participation fee for the ITEA PO Days 2024 is EUR 195, excluding VAT (non-refundable). This fee also enables you to visit the ITEA exhibition 'Highlights of the ITEA impact' and the sessions and workshop on 10 September. Don’t miss this great networking opportunity! Available spots are limited, and last year’s event was fully booked, so please make sure you register in time!

For more information and registration, visit:

We are looking forward to meeting you in Antwerp!

Register for the ITEA PO Days 2024

***NOTE: The number of registration spots for this event is limited, so please make sure you register in time!

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