ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ITEA PO Days 2022 &
ITEA Family reunion

The ITEA Community is coming together again!

300+ potential project partners | presentations of innovative project ideas | dynamic workgroup sessions | constructive consortium building | best practices

Call 2022 for project proposals will open on 13 September 2022 in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days (ITEA PO Days) in Helsinki on 13 and 14 September. And as we are finally able to come back together again with the ITEA Community, an ITEA Family reunion is being organised back-to-back to this event, starting in the afternoon of 14 September until lunch on 15 September.

In short, the ITEA PO Days 2022, including the ITEA Family reunion, will enable you to:

  • Present your project idea(s) and/or learn about other project ideas

  • Discuss and work on your project ideas in physical workgroup sessions

  • Meet companies and potential partners from all over Europe and beyond

  • Learn more about the specific funding rules in your country well in advance

  • See how the ITEA Office can support you during the full project lifetime

  • Get inspired by successful SMEs, an engaging keynote speaker and ITEA’s ‘sparks’

  • Learn from the best during the ITEA Award of Excellence ceremony

PO Days 2022: The perfect combination of online and physical components

Building new projects and partnerships can best be done in a physical environment. That is what we have learned over the past two years, during which it was unfortunately not possible to come together physically. Nevertheless, the online events that were organised instead brought us some new insights as well. The ITEA PO Days 2022 event will combine the best practices of both online and physical events of the past, in order for you to get the most out of your event participation!

Be prepared!

From experience we know that the ITEA PO Days are fully-packed days, and therefore it is highly recommended to be well prepared well before the start of the event. That is the reason why a few sessions related to the ITEA PO Days will already take place online before the physical event in Helsinki on 13-14 (and 15) September. This will optimise the time for networking and consortium building during the event. The event in itself will not be hybrid.

ITEA PO Days 2022 Preparation session

On Monday 27 June ITEA set up an online ITEA PO Days 2022 Preparation session to explain the process and online networking tools for ITEA Call 2022 and the ITEA PO Days 2022, like the Project idea tool and the Partner search tool. The recording of this session is available here.

Country information sessions

On Monday 5 and Friday 9 September different online Country information sessions will be scheduled ahead of the ITEA PO Days. During these days, a set of online information sessions will be co-organised with the Public Authorities, to inform the participants about their national priorities, eligibility criteria and funding outlook.

Project idea pitch sessions

In order to enable participants to learn about the project ideas upfront and optimise the time in Helsinki for fruitful discussions and consortia building, an online Project idea pitch session will be organised on Thursday 8 September 2022, 13:00 - 15:00 CEST, in the week before the physical event. During this session, Project idea proposers will be able to pitch their idea and, via the Project idea tool, first contacts can already be made with interested partners. This will jump-start the discussions in Helsinki.

ITEA Family reunion

During the past two and a half years we found new ways to connect as a Community, coming together virtually for conferences and meetings to keep building and strengthening the connections that lead to successful innovation projects. We have all adapted to new ways of working, but real connections are best made when meeting personally. And so an ITEA Family reunion is being organised on the back of the ITEA PO Days. A day that will be a combination of good old-fashioned networking and fun starting in the afternoon of 14 September until lunch on 15 September.

We will be hosting inspiring and lively sessions with SMEs in the spotlight and well-respected ITEA Family members followed by the opportunity to reunite for drinks, a dinner and a long-awaited chance to socialise. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Important dates in the
ITEA Call 2021

  • 5 & 9 September
    National priorities and eligibility criteria presented by Public Authorities

  • 13-15 September
    ITEA PO Days & ITEA Family reunion

  • 8 September
    Online project idea pitch session

  • 15 November
    Submission deadline for Project Outlines for the ITEA Call 2022

ITEA Award of Excellence 2022

During the ITEA Family reunion, on Thursday 15 September, the ITEA Awards of Excellence 2022 will be presented. Project leaders from this year’s outstanding ITEA projects will share their success stories as well as their recommendations on managing a project successfully. This time, these awards will focus on the key achievements for ITEA: Innovation, Business impact and Standardisation. Four projects were selected for the 2022 ITEA Award of Excellence:

  • OPTIMUM is the winner of the ITEA Award 2022 for Exceptional Excellence,as it excelled in innovation, business impact and standardisation: OPTIMUM has been very successful to develop innovations for 3D engineering and visualisation, IIoT and distributed control platform or cybersecurity. It has generated 6 patent ideas. It has also strong achievements in standardisation as well as contribution to human capital development with more than 40 people trained and 30. Overall, the project is a full success to develop a more secure workspace for workers and the competitiveness of the industry.
  • IMPACT will receive the ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for Innovation:
    The IMPACT project has developed several technological innovations in the fields of image processing, control of robotic operations and dashboards for patient data integration and presentation. It makes progress in data intelligence, 3D planning of surgery and workflow optimisation. Integrated demonstrations of the new technologies have been developed for the 3 use cases.
  • CyberFactory#1 is the winner of the ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for Business impact:
    For 10 use cases, ranging from textile industry to aeronautic factory, the CyberFactory#1 project has developed demonstrators. Most of them will lead to fast exploitation such a new cybersecure solution for device life cycle management or new process for aircraft structural components assembly. The impacts is expected to reach around 150 M€ additional revenues for the project partners in 2025.
  • PANORAMA will receive the ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for Standardisation:
    PANORAMA has strongly contributed to Functional Mock-Up Interface 3.0, Open Dependability Exchange (ODE), metadata exchange (ASAM-MDX) and Best Trace Format (BTF) standards. It has also developed open-source implementations to accelerate the adoption of these standards.

Join us and register now!

Join us at the ITEA PO Preparation Days 2022 & ITEA Family reunion. The participation fee for the ITEA PO Days is EUR 150, VAT excluded (non-refundable). This fee also enables you to join the ITEA Family reunion. If you are only interested in attending the ITEA Family reunion, the participation fee is EUR 50, VAT excluded (non-refundable). And for those that wish to fully benefit from the opportunity to come together, a networking dinner will be organised in Helsinki in the evening of Wednesday 14 September. A dinner fee of EUR 50 (excl VAT, non-refundable) is applicable.

Don’t miss this great networking opportunity and register now! Availability is limited and each year the brokerage event is fully booked.

For more information and registration, visit:

We are looking forward to meeting you in Helsinki!

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