ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

France in ITEA

France, a very strong supporter of ITEA 1 and ITEA 2, has revived its interest in ITEA 4. Remarkably, 13 out of the 16 ITEA 1 and 2 Calls feature award-winning projects with French participation, showcasing the invaluable contributions of French partners within the ITEA programme. Through their involvement in ITEA projects, several prominent industry partners have secured multimillion-euro contracts or potentially averted multimillion-euro losses. Notably, Smart Engineering emerges as the primary focus within ITEA projects with French involvement, followed by Smart Communities and Safety and Security.

On this webpage, you will find an overview of activities and publications of France in ITEA. It provides valuable insights into the potential benefits of participating in an ITEA project and whether ITEA could be a fit for your organisation. You can also find information regarding the funding opportunities and the national funding contact details.

Funding information for France

For French participants, there are 2 types of funding, depending on the size and characteristics of the project.

In both cases: the project, and the French participant's technical and financial capacity to carry it through must be assessed by Bpifrance. What is recommended to French firms is to contact our team as early as possible before submission to check eligibility to funding.

Camille Tang-Taye Pinois


Christian Dubarry


If you want to learn more about How to apply, click here.

Impact stories with French participation

Impact is one of the main ambitions in ITEA. Impact on business, on the market, on society. This is a key value in ITEA, and impact and potential impact are central during the project lifecycle: in project evaluation, monitoring, closure and in communication of the results. With the (financial) support of national Public Authorities, many ITEA projects have achieved incredible results, which are gathered in ITEA Impact stories.

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Industry statements from France

After the ITEA project FUSE-IT, Airbus CyberSecurity has been awarded a €740,000 contract to fulfil risk assessment surveys on 14 sites of Airbus Defence and Space in Spain, France, the UK and Germany and a contract worth €500,000 to secure a data centre organisation against cyber and physical threats. In addition, Airbus CyberSecurity has been awarded a multimillion-euro contract with an important gas transportation company, an integration contract for the protection of a large data centre's infrastructure and several contracts with large energy production utilities and distribution system operators in the UK, France and Germany.

- Airbus
For Dassault-Aviation, MODRIO has enabled many very useful breakthroughs for the design of next-generation aircraft, in particular the results regarding the modelling of requirements and system architecture, associated with fast multi-core simulations, multi-mode modelling of system failures and safety analysis. Output from ITEA projects like MODRIO has brought Dassault-Aviation capabilities that allow different working methods to handle complex systems, thereby contributing to the global (digital) transformation of the company.

- Dassault

ITEA award-winning projects with French participation

ITEA 3 Call 4
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ITEA Award of Excellence 2022
Business impact
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Addressing opportunities and threats for the Factory of the Future (FoF)

ITEA 3 Call 2
Alt Alt Alt Alt Alt
ITEA Award of Excellence 2021
Special Vice-chairman's award
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EMPHYSIS – Embedded systems with physical models in the production code software

ITEA 3 Call 1
Alt Alt Alt
ITEA Award of Excellence 2019
project header


Advanced Co-simulation Open System ARchitecture

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ITEA projects with French participation

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ITEA Project partners from France

















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Latest ITEA news including France

Discover all ITEA news including France

Latest ITEA magazine articles with French contributions

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REVaMP² enables profitable engineering of mass-customised products and services

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ITEA Success story: FUSE-IT

Enhanced connectivity and security for building management at lower costs

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ITEA Magazine #34, Nov 2019

ITEA Success story: MODRIO

Digital twins for the safe and efficient design and operation of cyber-physical systems

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ITEA Magazine #31, Nov 2018

End-user happiness DANGUN