ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Project partners

Here you can find the list of partners that participated in (one of the) ITEA projects.

Country: France
Name Country Type Projects
4ème Millénaire France sme 1
6WIND France sme 1
6cure France sme 1
ALL4TEC France sme 2
ALSTOM France ind 2
APPEDGE France sme 1
ARC Informatique S.A.S. France sme 5
ARCHOS France sme 1
ARMINES France res 2
AS+ France sme 1
ATEME France sme 1
Actimage France sme 1
Adacore France sme 1
Aero Composites Innovations registered under SAS FLY-R France sme 1
Airbus France ifc 5
Airbus CyberSecurity SAS France ifc 21
Airbus Defence & Space France ifc 2
Airbus Group SAS France ifc 2
Alcatel Lucent France ifc 14
Alliance Qualité Logiciel France sme 1
Alyotech France ind 2
Ampère Laboratory - CNRS - University of Lyon France uni 1
Applicam France sme 1
Arkamys France sme 1
Artefacto France sme 1
Artemis France res 1
Ascom France ind 1
Astek France sme 1
Atego France sme 1
Atlinks France ind 1
Atos Origin France ifc 2
Axlog Ingéniérie France sme 2
AéroDRONES France sme 1
Bantry Technologies France sme 1
BeNomad France sme 1
Bertin Technologies France sme 2
Bouygues Telecom France ind 1
Brain Vision Systems France sme 1
Broadpeak France sme 1
Bull France ifc 25
C2 Innovativ’Systems France sme 1
CEA France res 38
CEGELEC France ind 1
CETMEF France gov 1
CEV-Group France sme 1
CNES - Centre National France res 1
CNR France sme 1
CS Systemes d'Information France ind 2
Canon Research Centre France France ind 1
CapGemini Ernst & Young France ind 1
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