ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


AI supported Early-risk prediCtion and intervention of Health cOnditions with pErsonalized Sensors

Project description

Every day, thousands of people need continuous monitoring of their health condition during specific periods in medical care at hospitals, nursing homes, or home nursing for different reasons, that is, people suffering chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, acute heart failure, etc.), people suffering cancer, people experiencing mental disorders or just people recovering from a medical operation. Such prevalence of people needing continued medical support proposes a significant challenge and expense for the entire healthcare system. AiECHOES envisions an innovative solution in the field of telemedicine which relies on applying the Early Warning Scoring & Emotional Recognition for clinical deterioration on patients beyond the hospital through a complete sensor network for remote patient monitoring and a data analysis-based computing platform in order to prevent an early detect severe clinical deterioration on risk patients. Complementarily, AiECHOES primarily strengthens such prevention and early-detection in three particular cases (application domains): patients suffering cardiovascular diseases, patients suffering chronic skin disease, and patients under a psychological treatment by broadening the sensor network and the computing platform with sensors measuring domain-specific parameters and domain-specific data analysis and processing respectively. Main Expected Market Impact: Clear improvements of outcomes for individuals, care systems, and wider society from prevention measures and interventions based on personalized early risk prediction in comparison with current practices Usefulness and effectiveness of integration and coordination of interventions in new health and care pathways based on person-centered early risk prediction, prevention, and intervention models Main Technological Objectives: The proposed solution has a final objective to allow risk patients to be continuously monitored and medically attended without the need to go to the hospital, while providing healthcare professionals a way to prevent and early detect severe clinical deterioration and the need for a higher level of care on risk patients with less workload, including a medical care optimization through a cross-domain decision support system. As an added value, the healthcare system also benefits from AiECHOES by reducing the number of expensive intensive treatment periods, which implies huge savings for themselves.

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