ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

ITEA 3 measured in milestones

Business impact
Customer orientation
ITEA Office

2014 ▼

Launch of ITEA 3 (with dedicated Launch events)
Big Data Technology from IMPONET enables more efficient electricity supply in Spain
MoU Clusters on Smart City
First Canadian participation in ITEA PO Days
High level vision 2030 presented to EC Vice- President Neelie Kroes
ISO 9001 Certification
Dekra label

2015 ▼

MEDIATE awarded for supporting healthcare professionals in the transition from invasive open surgery to minimally invasive, image-guided interventions
Co-summit with ARTEMIS-IA (Berlin)
Eureka Clusters present at SCEWC
Open Source Software from ITEA projects OPENPROD and MODRIO generates control software for German power production
1st ITEA customer workshop (Smart cities)
1st visit to Canada
Start of Vice-chairman’s blog
KoçSistem joins ITEA Board
14 ITEA 3 Call 1 projects labelled

2016 ▼

Diamonds wins Eureka Innovation Award
H4H awarded for closing the gap from the simulated to the real world and made HPC technologies more accessible
1st Digital Transformation Master Class
First big Eureka Innovation week (Sweden) incl ITEA Event
2nd ITEA customer workshop (Smart health)
2nd visit to Canada
Indra joins ITEA Board
20 ITEA 3 Call 2 projects labelled
Zeynep Sarılar becomes Chairwoman

2017 ▼

ADAX wins Eureka Award
AVANTI awarded for creating a manufacturing solution, with virtual commissioning to facilitate componentsbased engineering in a virtual orchestration of physical properties.
1st Digital Innovation Forum with ARTEMIS-IA
ITEA Impact stream released
First cancer patient successfully treated with Elekta Unity developed in SoRTS project
Turkcell Teknoloji CEO highlights importance CAP project
Materna founded a dedicated R&D department inspired by successful participation to ITEA projects
3rd ITEA customer workshop (Smart Manufacturing)

First interaction with VCs and Start-ups at DIF

18 ITEA 3 Call 3 projects labelled
ISO 9001 Recertification
Business impact
Customer orientation
ITEA Office

2018 ▼

20 years of ITEA
MEDIATE wins Eureka Award
IDEA4SWIFT awarded for safe and secure border control that is quick and convenient
Eureka Innovation Days (Finland) incl ITEA Event
4th ITEA customer workshop (Smart communities)
Initiation work on preparation of ITEA 4
Korea-ITEA networking event
Software AG joins ITEA Board
19 ITEA 3 Call 4 projects labelled

2019 ▼

MOS2S results win the ‘2020 Dutch Eurovision Song Contest Innovation Challenge’
100th ITEA STG meeting
Reflexion and ACOSAR receive Eureka Award
Eureka Global Innovation Summit (United Kingdom)
Eureka Stakeholder Conference (The Netherlands)
Co-organisation of Smart City Business Forum with Dutch & Nordics
ITEA and 12 projects present at SCEWC
Hilversum is becoming a Smart City thanks to partners of the ITEA 3 project PS-CRIMSON
APPSTACLE project announces Eclipse Kuksa Platform for car to car to cloud
5th ITEA customer workshop (Smart mobility)
Launch of the ITEA Smart City Advisory Board with 1st meeting
3rd visit to Canada and visits to Canadian SuperClusters
Initiation of concept of ECP Analysis of Eureka Clusters
Saab AB joins ITEA Board
Enerim (Empower) joins ITEA Board
17 ITEA 3 Call 5 projects labelled
Jan Jonker becomes Office Director

2020 ▼

Flex4Apps awarded for creating a full loop that allows companies to offer more complex services while advancing the digital transition
Co-organisation of Smart City Business Event with Dutch & Nordics
OPTIMUM project at Hannover Digital Days
VISDOM project developed open-source Roadmap planning and visualisation tool
6th customer workshop (Cyber Security)
Launch of the ITEA Smart City Advisory Board with 1st meeting
1st Eureka Clusters AI Call
Approval of concept of ECP
First partner from Singapore
Esri Canada joins ITEA Board
NXP joins ITEA Board
VMAP (project) Standard Community to become a legal association
20 ITEA 3 Call 6 projects labelled
ISO 9001 Recertification
Jean-François Lavignon becomes Vice-chairman

2021 ▼

Approval of ECP and ITEA 4
1st ITEA Cyber Security Day
1st ITEA Smart City Day
Global Innovation Summit (Austria)
7th customer workshop (Smart energy)
Launch of the ITEA Cyber Security Advisory Board + 1st meeting
Extension of the Smart City Advisory Board + 2nd meeting
2nd Eureka Clusters AI Call
16 ITEA 3 Call 7 projects labelled

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