ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ITEA PO Preparation Days 2023, 12-13 September

What Purpose
ITEA PO Days Guidelines This document provides you with an overview of all the features, tools and opportunities that the ITEA PO Days 2023 offer.
ITEA PO Days 2023 Programme Have the Programme overview at a glance and use the quick links in the programme to go directly to the page you need.
Project idea presentation template Do you want to pitch your project idea in the Project idea pitch session of Thursday 7 September? Use this template for your slides!
Project idea status update presentation template Do you you want to present the status of your project idea during the session 'Presentation of brainstorm results' at the end of day one and/or during the session 'Presentation final results' at the end of day 2? Use this template to create your presentation.
Overview of the ITEA Call 2023 documents For each Call stage you will find the appropriate documents on this page, like the PO and FPP template, Rules and Regulations, Contribution rules, etc.

All ITEA Call 2023 documents will be released just before the ITEA PO Days 2023. Please always make sure you have the latest version of the document you are using.