ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2)

Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) ( is the leading supplier of silicon and software for Power line Communications (PLC). DS2 silicon delivers data rates in excess of 200 Mbps and is the most versatile on the market allowing outdoor electrical wiring to be used for broadband access as well as metropolitan area networks, and converting indoor cabling into a medium for local area networks to support multiple simultaneous video-streams, voice and data applications (triple play). Furthermore, at this point in time, DS2 PLC technology is the only credible and competitive PLC alternative to other broadband technologies.

DS2 Power line chipsets are now the chips of choice on the market for ultimate performance, feature rich, low cost Power Line Communications (PLC) modems and consumer electronic appliances. These 200 Mbps chips, the only high-speed power line chips available today, have been awarded the prestigious Best of Innovations Award in the Software/Embedded Technologies category at the CES, Las Vegas 2005.

Founded in 1998 to build on the remarkable idea of using the electricity lines for communications the DS2 business model is based on partnership with clients to help them get the best leverage from the know-how and chips that DS2 provides. DS2 ́s Reference Designs provide a head start for customers developing their own connected intelligent power line products helping them to gain time to market, reduce costs and allowing them to start development immediately while their re-design work to develop design-in or plug-in additional applications is underway. This attention to people has allowed DS2 to build an impressive network of partners, distributors and customers that not only buy chips but also amplify marketing manpower and skills. On the technological side, DS2 tackled all the major hurdles to make deployment of PLC a business reality, namely low cost, available bandwidth, adaptive technology to any network topology, radio frequency interference avoidance and regulation.

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