ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

ITEA Magazine 39 - July 2021


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Zeynep Sarılar


Zeynep Sarılar

Dear ITEA Innovation Community,

This is a joyful and happy moment for all of us. This special edition of the ITEA Magazine celebrates the launch of ITEA 4 in the Eureka Clusters Programme (ECP).

ITEA 4 is now more than a plan, it is a real, continuous research and innovation programme that has one purpose agreed by all stakeholders: to create impact to enable Sustainable Growth through Innovation. I am very grateful to our dedicated ITEA Community and the Public Authorities for their continued and inspiring support and valuable contribution to make ITEA 4 happen!

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ITEA 4 celebration edition

We are ready 4 the future!

The impact plan for ITEA 4

Digitalisation is changing our lives radically; every object carries more and more software in its structure. Each and every organisation has an evolving need for software innovation to become more efficient, more effective and more resilient. Furthermore, the daily life of every human is more connected and digitalised. In addition, the resources of our planet are scarce and so they must be used with great care. These are the challenges that we face, and they can only be overcome by continuous and sustainable improvement of each process through innovation and collaboration among diverse industrial members.

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ITEA 4 styling

Fresh, flexible, global and dynamic

In the design, ITEA’s ambitions – innovation, business impact, customer engagement, open collaboration and happiness – were translated into a set of characteristics which could be linked to each of the following ambitions: connection, movement, energy, transformation and dynamism. By also taking into account the symbiosis of the technological and human character of ITEA and its strong Community, as well as the ‘happiness factor’ that clearly differentiates ITEA from other innovation programmes, a completely new style was born which nevertheless respects the strong and successful track record of ITEA.

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ITEA Success stories

ITEA Success story


Reducing bugs and false errors to boost efficiency

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ITEA Success story


Nourishing high-tech manufacturing with valuable high-quality data

Upcoming events

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Online ITEA PO Days 2021

13-16 September, Online

By and for the ITEA Community

Event report

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Smart energy – a new challenge accepted!

Insights on the new ITEA key challenge and the 2021 customer workshop

Other highlights

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Enhancing from established roots

Achievements and successes of

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Customers are partners in our mission

ITEA Customer Advisory Boards

ITEA 3 measured in milestones

Some key moments highlighted

The Eureka Clusters Programme

The connections between Clusters and with Public Authorities create a stronger whole