ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Inavitas Energy AS

In 2012, inavitas was founded with the aim of making life on earth more sustainable for everyone by intelligently monitoring, managing, and saving energy.The future of energy is definitely 100% renewables, and this will only be enabled by digitalization and making it super smart; that’s where inavitas comes into play.

We are a cutting-edge energy intelligence platform for utilities, renewables, businesses, and homes, enabling energy savings by eliminating wasted energy and managing demand in consumption, increasing revenues by boosting generation and operational efficiency in distribution. We work with lifelong partners worldwide, offering them the opportunity to market comprehensive energy management and monitor solutions to instantly help their customers manage and save their energy.

With our highly motivated and experienced team worldwide, we focus on IT and OT, leveraging seamless harmony between hardware and software in utility, renewables, commercial and residential markets.Our deep understanding of electricity distribution operations places us in a unique position. It also gives us a perspective to understand the intricacies of integration orchestrating the distributed energy resources, including production, storage, and consumption. We are a market leader in utilities, with 20+ distribution customers, a 1.3 GW + renewable portfolio with a strong determination to increase the number of happy customers by the power of relentless innovation and invention.

Today, inavitas is a global brand with established branches in Australia, India, and Turkey. Our customers worldwide can monitor, manage, intelligently save their energy and position themselves to become aware and ahead with inavitas. 

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