ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Eryaz Software

Eryaz Software currently employs more than 40 software developers who work together collaboratively to provide software solutions in the automotive industry. Eryaz has more than 300+ clients with their own specific requirements. Eryaz offers their clients a variety of software solutions, including B2B (business to business) systems, B2C (business to customer) systems, online catalogue systems, auto service software, retail management systems, ERP systems, stock and warehouse management systems, and supply chain management systems.

To improve the quality of the software systems that are designed and developed for the clients, Eryaz has been conducting active researches on such fields as model-driven software engineering, software quality, formal verification, software testing, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis. Eryaz has a research&development team who currently works on a project that aims to develop a novel software modeling platform for B2B systems. The software modeling platform here is to offer a visual modeling notation set through which B2B systems can be modeled from different viewpoints (i.e., model-view-controller). A toolset is being developed for the modeling platform, which offers a visual modeling editor, a set of code generators, model analysers, and some other facilities such as collaborative modeling and model versioning. The code generators transform the models into executable software code and some other documentation and sharing formats such HTML and XML. The model analysers offer a set of facilities, including the consistency checker between different viewpoint models, formal verification, syntax checker, and behaviour simulation.

Eryaz also conducts research projects that focus on different artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning and natural language processing. Currently, Eryaz established a team of 4 developers who conduct researches on analysing the big data saved by 300+ customers with the appropriate machine learning algorithms. The goal here is to make useful predictions for the customer behaviours who use the B2B systems that Eryaz develops.


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