ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Lingsoft enables multilingual business communication by providing its comprehensive command of linguistic processes that we call Language Management. This allows companies operating globally to cut costs significantly, not to forget private customers who may also find our solutions useful.
Our all-round products and services are designed for the analysis, processing and utilisation of written and spoken language with the help of NLP (natural language processing) based on Lingsoft´s globally standardized two-level morphology (Koskenniemi_ Human-machine, machine-machine interface and semantic data analysis in digital services, robotics and in VR & metaverse environments.

Our main areas include translation services, proofing tools, speech applications, educational programmes, e-books, glossaries, language tools and language resources.

A number of people use our products daily, often unawares. We provide, for instance, the Nordic and German proofing tools used in Microsoft Office. Besides Microsoft, our long-term cooperation partners include Adobe, Quark, T-Online, Helsingin Sanomat, EU and a number of Finnish ministries. Lingsoft is involved in several R&D projects at European (H2020, HEurope, etc.) and national level.
Founded in 1986, Lingsoft operates internationally and considers Northern Europe, particularly the Baltic rim, its domestic market.

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