ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
30 November 2022 · Source: MEDrecord · Download PDF

A Smart Companion for People on Tube Feeding Regimens

We removed the guesswork so patients with dietary challenges can be 100% confident about their nutritional intake

The Food Friend project delivers a complete toolset that can automatically measure a person’s food intake by using a tube system (medical device) with a minimum of required user-input and turn it into personalized and actionable feedback.

Food Friend’s technology targets the prevention of malnutrition in nursing homes and in patients using tube feeding and the Nutritional trans-mural care of chronic diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The goal of the Food Friend project is the development of a food intake monitoring tool, consisting of hardware, software and methodologies, that can be used by care professionals, research institutions or home users to get a better overview of a person’s dietary behavior. The Food Friend toolset consists of both hardware, in the form of sensors, and software, in the form of an application or web-portal built on MedRecord’s API and companion interface MedSafe. Together they automatically monitor a person’s food intake, barcode scanning automatically detects the nutritional content of food packages with a minimum of required user-input and provides relevant and timely feedback to the user, their coaches and food/meal providers.

MedRecord worked on this project alongside 16 partners from 5 countries with the goal of collaborating on defining a global generic framework and ontology for nutritional behaviour modelling.

European research

This project is funded by the project partners and national governments as part of the ITEA-3 program.The project started in 2019 and will take 3 years.

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Our network of partners make impactful and meaningful eHealth solutions like this possible and we are lucky to work with some of the leading organizations in the eHealth and Medical Technology sectors.

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