ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

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We are delighted that Vinnova hosted ITEA’s first masterclass dedicated to digital transformation in Stockholm on 19 October 2016.

The ITEA masterclasses are a new tool developed by ITEA to make a further step in the direction of market impact. We have already many ITEA projects delivering fast exploitation. We are proud of that and it generates a lot of value for our industrial partners (large companies, SMEs and start-ups) in the global market. Our community is learning a lot from these projects on hot topics like digital transformation, energy transition, software and system engineering, security, automotive standards, etc. We are willing to share these understandings outside of our community to strengthen the impact and for the interest of our Public Authorities who are investing in our projects. Thus we intend to develop these masterclasses on hot topics for which we gather the know-how acquired during our most successful projects and, with the support of our Public Authority, we will invite some companies mainly from outside of the ITEA community to take advantage of these understandings and to accelerate their own transition.

The first masterclass has been set up on digital transformation which impacts all businesses nowadays. We gathered the know-how of three successful ITEA projects:

  • ACCELARATE: a platform for the acceleration of go-to market in the ICT Industry
  • SCALARE: a database of industrial best practices and tools to support enterprises in their transitions; and
  • InValue: data management architecture for manufacturing

A diverse set of companies from large traditional industry, consultants to industry and SMEs participated to this first masterclass to share an understanding of the challenges and steps in the direction of digital transformation.

We covered the different steps of the digital transformation:

  • New digitally enabled business models and services around servitization, intermediation and platform approach
  • Speed to market with growth hacking and continuous delivery
  • Digital manufacturing

We stressed a set of strong messages on digital transformation:

  • Back to the users
  • Data focus, data acquisition, IOT, data analysis
  • Experimenting is key; failure belongs to the game, don’t be too smart to model everything before trying and learn from the failures and from the successes
  • Endless story of innovation
  • Spirit of openness and partnership; you cannot play the game alone, your network is your value
  • Move towards new business models based on servitization, intermediation, platforms
  • Value creation, Value capture, Value sustainability is the motto
  • Scalability at the business level and at the architecture level
  • Security to protect your system

And a few paradoxes:

  • Digital is software but the licensing business model of software has been destroyed
  • Speed, but a cultural transition in a large organisation regularly takes 10 years
  • Speed reduces complexity as you are forced to focus only on what is absolutely necessary when the state of art shows that 40% of the functionalities of a large software is actually never used. Speed is the challenge but is also the solution.

In the afternoon, open space discussions that were based on challenges and cases put forward by the audience themselves were acclaimed. As we acknowledge the value of this part of the masterclass, we will strengthen this part even more in the future.

Overall, we have already received positive feedback from the attendees on the value of the presentations and discussions we had. We will use the valuable points for improvement received to enhance this Digital Transformation masterclass even more.

We intend to set up a European tour of masterclasses for the global interest of Europe. If you are interested in setting up such a masterclass for your companies, feel free to contact the ITEA Office and we will be pleased to organise it for you.


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