ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

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I have read that the economic crisis is coming from an innovation crisis. I am a bit doubtful about that when I observe the amount of new ideas popping up in all our ITEA proposals and projects.

Indeed, we are living in a tremendous time for engineers due to the digitisation of the world (sensors, internet of things, social networks) and ubiquitous communication (NFC, bluetooth, wifi, 4G). You just have to gather few engineers in a brainstorming session, and you can be sure to generate twenty new ideas for business. All of them will not generate profitable business but a few of them surely will. The challenge is not a lack of new ideas but the means to test a lot of ideas of business.

My conviction is that it is useful to let the researchers have the total freedom to advance research to enrich our technologies basket but when you are targeting product impact you can't continue to have a reassuring beautiful V cycle followed by market deployment 18 months later. Nowadays you are forced to be more agile and to continuously test the preliminary version of your product/technology to the market. Nowadays the customers are being presented with such an overwhelming amount of offers that nobody is able to predict what the customer needs and even the customer himself is continuously changing his mind in front of the offer.

It is the reason why in ITEA we are linking the level of targeted innovation and the potential impact in our evaluation.
It is the reason why in ITEA we are steering the projects to continuously challenge these two dimensions of pre-product/technology development and fast exploitation to validate the pre-product/technology specification.
It is also the reason why in ITEA 3 we have decided to establish as our strategic KPI the reduction of the time from idea to project start to 10 months.
ITEA 3 speeds up the ideas to the market.

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