ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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We are a UK based ClimateTech company and have built the world's first carbon impact assessment for software and digital products that measures across the lifecycle stages from production, use and end of life. The GoCodeGreen solution has been built on a framework created by the GHG Protocol ICT Guidance. Our approach, has applied a software engineering practitioner's lens using advancements in data and machine learning techniques, and we have codified the guidance into our platform. We are able to generate digital product specific measurement output to enable action and reduction in a quantifiable, consistent and repeatable way. 

Using GoCodeGreen’s solution marks the first step toward decarbonising your digital solutions. The saying ‘you can’t change what you can’t measure’ is so profoundly true when building carbon reduction strategies. By providing our application specific, aggregated or value chain views on digital carbon cost we help provide that foundation from which direct action can be taken. Our belief is that through applying a programmatic solution to the challenge of decarbonising digital products, it will allow for multiple, scaled and consistent application of the guidance methodology to help drive adoption and result in accelerated and wider scale action to improve the carbon efficiency of software and ICT.

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Generative AI for the Software Development Life Cycle