ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


ROBOSOFT established in 1985 by INRIA researchers, is recognized as a leading supplier of Advanced Robotics Solutions throughout Europe and beyond.

ROBOSOFT is a profitable and independent SME of 30 persons with a turnover of 4 M€ in 2006.

New investors joined the capital early 2006, to contribute to the fast development of the company, very well positioned to become a major actor in the field of robotics, putting emphasis on software for robots.

ROBOSOFT has been building a unique expertise in service activities automation. Its experience in robotics, more precisely in subsets integration and automatic control, allows providing operational robotic solutions in 5 areas:

Health: assistive mobile robots for elderly and handicapped people

Security: remotely operated mobile robots for tele-presence and work in hazardous areas

Transport: automatic transport of goods and people

Education and research in robotics

Cleanliness: automatic floor and windows cleaning

ROBOSOFT has gathered, within its team of engineers, the skills needed for a perfect knowledge of techniques linked with robotics: real-time and on-board computing (hardware and software), mechanical design, electronics, automatic control, prototyping and small series manufacturing …

ROBOSOFT combines engineering activities and off-the-shelf products, aiming at making easier and faster development of robotic solutions, thanks to a generic software approach.

ROBOSOFT mainly deals with 4 types of customers, most of them being services providers:

Buildings managers: hospitals, airports, museums, malls, train stations…

Sites managers: healthcare centers, municipalities, theme parks, universities campuses, industrial and business parks…

Services contractors: public transport companies, cleaning and surveillance contractors, research institutes …

Public and private research departments, involved in robotics and intelligent vehicles, worldwide



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