ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) educates genuine and competent professionals for the needs of working life. We have approximately 9,000 students and 800 staff. We operate in Oulu, Oulainen and Raahe. In addition, we have project-type activities in several municipalities around Northern Finland. OUAS educates professionals for the needs of Northern Finland, whose competence corresponds to the needs and development of working life in the region. We are developing our teaching in close cooperation with working life and industry and commerce. This means we are promoting the competitiveness and the competence, employment and well-being of the population in the area. We organise education leading to higher education degrees, specialised vocational studies, teachers' pedagogical studies, Open University of Applied Sciences studies and professional development services. Our joint competence areas are sustainable development, internationalisation, entrepreneurship and innovation and development activities. Multidisciplinary teaching cooperation and close interaction with stakeholders are important features of our activities.  Company-based research, development and innovation is an feature of our teaching and regional development role. We develop actively and in a needs-based manner working and business life and participate with our activities in the construction of the future for Northern Finland.

OUAS implement northern region development objectives in the following focus areas:

•Internet and information technology

•Environment and energy

•Creative Industries

•Health and well-being



(Submitted and approved by Kirsi Koivunen on 2013-01-29)

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