ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 12 Sep 2017

Online version of the ITEA Impact stream released - be inspired!

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Impact is one of the main ambitions in ITEA. Impact on business, on the market, on society. Without impact, a project will not be successful in ITEA. This is a key value in ITEA, and all projects are strongly encouraged and supported to achieve this. And it shows.

For example, the ITEA project MODELISAR (2008-2011) set out to improve the design of automotive systems models and embedded software in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and delivered the FMI standard. This standard supports the automotive open system architecture (AUTOSAR, also based on an ITEA project result). Generated Functional Mock-Up is the next generation of the Digital Mock-up to enable co-simulation between heterogeneous tools to support large-scale, cross-domain functional mock-ups. Now, 6 years after the end of the project, the FMI standard is currently supported by some 100 modelling, simulation, code generation and testing tools offered by more than 50 tool –suppliers, on either a free or commercial basis. And there are many more impact highlights to explore!

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The objective of the ITEA project SEAS (2014-2016) was to model energy related IT systems so that meaningful, efficient and expandable information exchange can be standardised between market players in a field traditionally riddled by a lack of system interoperability. From this project, ENGIE introduced the DAPM (data access point manager), a dedicated middleware & appstore for city areas, open to third party applications and data. DAPM has already been taken up by Aubagne (for public lighting) and is being considered in Rennes, Dijon, Marseille and Saint-Nazaire in France and Barcelona in Spain, only 1 year after the project’s closure. And several other partners have achieved impressive results as well. In general, in terms of revenues, short-term exploitation (2017) is expected to be €2 million, with medium-term exploitation (2018) anticipated to be €25 million and long-term revenues (2019 to 2021) as much as €600 million.

These are only a couple of examples of stories that were born in ITEA. But we must not forget: most of these successes could not have been achieved without the (financial) support of the national public authorities. By putting their trust and money in these projects, they have made it possible for the project partners to get the most out of these projects. For them, ITEA is now in the process of gathering project impact stories to show in what way they solve key societal challenges and have an impact on business, on the market and on society.

All impact stories will be collected in the ITEA Impact stream, a living publication consisting of 2 main elements: 7 main societal challenges and a set of impact stories showcasing the impact highlights of successful ITEA projects. An online version of the ITEA Impact stream was released on 12 September 2017 by ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarilar during the ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days 2017.

Take a look and be inspired!


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