ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 27 Nov 2014 · Antalya, 23 October 2014

ITEA 2 RECONSURVE demonstration completed successfully

The ITEA 2 RECONSURVE Project was successfully demonstrated at the Turkish Coast Guard Command facilities on 23 October in Antalya, Turkey.

The four-year project aimed to enhance the situational awareness of maritime authorities by developing an open interoperable maritime surveillance framework augmented with multimodal sensor networks and an automated decision-support system. The project intends to close the known capability gaps of the fragmented maritime surveillance systems currently operating throughout the EU.

The demonstration event was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Coast Guard Command, Sami Tübek, Senior Colonel Salih Gürkan Karabacak, ASELSAN Security Systems Group Manager Dr. Ünal Koyaz and Chairman of ITEA Rudolf Haggenmüller.




The RECONSURVE consortium led by ASELSAN demonstrated the capabilities developed as part of the project, including maritime situational awareness, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) integration, IR-based vessel classification, fusion with external maritime data sources and the semantic interoperability of three maritime surveillance systems developed by ASELSAN, Cassidian and GMT.

These capabilities were demonstrated with the following scenario:

1.   The vessels revealing suspicious behaviour were detected successfully by the situational awareness component of the RECONSURVE system.


Figure 1 Identifying Suspicious Behaviour and Displaying on VATOZ Tactical Screen


Situational Awareness Module ‐ VATOZ Integration

2.   A rotary-wing UAV, developed by ASELSAN, was directed to the location of the suspicious vessel, and the images of the vessels transmitted to the command and control system where the operator was able to view in real-time the flight plan of the UAV and the recorded video.

3.   The vessel classification module automatically classified the vessels (from the IR images) and identified the ship category and dimensions. The maritime picture was enriched with this additional information.


Figure 2 Vessel Classification Chain


4.   The information regarding the suspicious vessels was shared with the SecuriSyte C2 System through the semantic interoperability framework. This confirmed that the two maritime surveillance systems can interoperate seamlessly.


Figure 3 VATOZ - SecuriSyte, GMT Integration via Semantic Interoperability Layer


The ITEA 2 RECONSURVE project consortium consists of nine companies from three different countries: Turkey, France and Korea, each of which brought its special domain expertise into the project. The Turkish Coast Guard Command participated in the project as an end-user, and provided invaluable guidance throughout with its domain expertise. The project was the first recipient of the 'Most Innovative and Commercially Viable Project' award of KIAT (Korean Institute for Advancement of Technology).

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