ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Call process

Submitting an ITEA proposal

Once a year, ITEA offers the opportunity to submit research project proposals that fit in the domain of software innovation. For this purpose, a Call is organised each year starting with a brokerage event. In a two-stage procedure, the quality of the project proposal is evaluated and improved, finally leading to a selection of high-quality project proposals that receive the official ITEA label. The ITEA label provides project partners with the possibility of applying for public funding from their national Public Authorities.

Consortia & project characteristics

Two-stage Call process

  1. Producing a Project Outline (PO):
    This PO gives a short overview of a project, mainly to describe the project goals, innovation, targeted business impact and consortium. Project Outlines which are positively evaluated are invited for the second stage;
  2. Producing a Full Project Proposal (FPP):
    This FPP describes the project plan and how the project will be executed and managed. Approved FPPs will receive the ECP label, as ITEA is part of the Eureka Clusters Programme (ECP).

The Public Authorities are fully involved in the evaluation and labelling of projects. After labelling (or earlier dependent on national procedures), partners can apply for funding through their national Public Authorities. The ECP label is endorsed by all Eureka Member Countries.


Contribution fee

ITEA is a non-profit organisation financed by project contributions. For 2022, the ITEA contribution fee due per partner is 1.5 % of the 2022 ‘Contracted costs’ for that partner. For more details, see the ITEA Contribution Rules.

Time schedule ITEA Call 2022

Opening of the Call 13 September 2022
ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days 2022 13-14 September 2022
Deadline for submission of Project Outlines 15 November 2022 (17:00 CET)
Letter of Intent 29 November 2022
Announcement of POs invited for FPP submission & rejected POs 19 December 2022
FPP Briefing webinar 22 December 2022 (15:00-17:00 CET)
Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposals 13 February 2023 (17:00 CET)
Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) 27 February 2023
Announcement of labelled and rejected FPPs 27 March 2023
National funding applications Q4 2022 - Q2 2023