ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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KnowL Solutions B.V.

KnowL soltions BV is a virtual first SME. We want to help transform traditional health care based on averages and anecdotal evidence towards predictive, personalized medicine with our Seal of Excellence winnar platform.

The company has several brands:

1. KnowL learning management system is a SAAS platform to support employees with scientific knowledge, practical skills and a community of colleagues and experts. It contains e-learnings, in-company trainings and scientific knowledge that is directly applicable by the employee. The algorithm helps them to make smart and personalised choices. It strengthens the abilities and confidence of staff members and reduces incidents in companies. See at

2. MEDrecord is a certified, open and vendor neutral digital health platform to access patient data from mobile health and clinical devices, wearables and applications. MEDrecord enables healthcare companies to better coordinate care, improve engagement strategies and more efficiently manage their populations to the growing number of digital health technologies. We do this together with a growing ECO system of customers and partners: health IT vendors, health information systems, wellness companies, providers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs. To make the data meaningful for healthcare the MEDrecord platform satisfies the ISO-CEN standard 13606 , using the openEHR  archetypes , as well as the Hl7 FHIR  standard for communication. See at

3. MedSafe is a certified Personal Health Environment in The Netherlands. Within MedSafe the end-user or patient registers personal clinical data and workflow or one or more health plans. the end-user decides who he shares this information with. See at


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Project participation

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Developing AI ecosystems improving diagnosis and care of mental diseases

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Eco-system for disease specific clinical workflow and data integration

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Privacy preserving cross-organizational data analysis in the healthcare sector

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Food Friend

Autonomous and easy-to-use tool for monitoring of personal food intake and personalised feedback

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Exploitation 2021
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Patient-care Advancement with Responsive Technologies aNd Engagement togetheR